We believe in creating products that create beauty in the world through natures innate ability to restore health and wellness. The largest impact we can make for creating a beautiful world is sourcing ingredients and manufacturing our products in alignment with our values: 

  + Artisan formulation, small batch with love 

  + Sustainably grown 

  + Ethically produced 

  + Women, peoples economy, and small business supportive

  + Organic, cruelty- free, and wild grown

  + Heritage and tradition honoring


Artisan Formulation, small batch with love 

All our formulations are created completely from nature by our founder and artisan formulator Gwyn Johnson. She has deep love and respect for the most potent and effective natural ingredients in the world. She has seven years formulation experience and she is the lead formulator for three local brands in Portland, Oregon where she lives. She traditionally works with feedback from PhD chemists and makeup artists and her products are heavily tested before they reach the market.   

She uses small batch manufacturing to ensure consistency and preserve freshness, and best manufacturing practices are used in production. The products are lab tested for shelf life safety and thoroughly tested by her team and colleagues. 


Sustainably Grown

Moroccan Argan and Moroccan Cactus Seed Oil are the base oils in all our formulas. Both of these plants are wild grown, renewable resources, and non- soil depleting. 

Both plants also serve the local population in several other ways by producing other food products, local income, and building materials. Moroccan Cactus keeps wildlife at bay and prevents desertification by reducing erosion near the Sahara desert.

In addition, we produce little to no plastic waste in the production of our products, we use re-usable and recyclable glass bottles, and paper boxes in our packaging, reducing waste and our carbon footprint. 

Ethically Produced 

Our Moroccan ingredients are sourced from organic sources that use the best traditional methods of ingredient production.  We partner with local farms and  artisans.  As our partners, we are contributing to the wealth of small local businesses and support the peoples economy. In addition, we believe the best ingredients come from people that have intimate knowledge and day to day and legacy experience with the ingredients. 

Women and small business supportive

Our Moroccan ingredients are produced in reputable long standing female owned cooperatives; supporting the livelihood of rural women in the areas we source. We support female owned businesses whenever possible. 

Many of the other ingredients are sourced from reputable small businesses and are sourced from around the world. 

Organic, Cruelty- Free, and Wild Grown

We support organic and pesticide free product sourcing.  We don't do any animal testing or support businesses or formulators that do. We believe using the most natural processing methods that reflect in the potency of our products. 

All of our products are made, packaged, and distributed in Portland, Oregon USA

Rarity Natural Beauty is a majority women owned company and women led business. 

 Heritage and Tradition Honoring

Natural skincare is a global sourcing business and we have the honor to connect with people around the world.  As a student of life, my favorite part about this business is connecting with people and learning from the wisdom and experiencing the beauty of their heritage and traditions. 


*while sustainability and ethical production data is not available on all the ingredients we source, we aim to increase transparency through continuing to source through small cooperatives. We are also actively seeking out the most sustainable and ethically produced ingredients for our products.