rarity natural beauty - our story

In 2014, after ten years working in finance, Gwyn began volunteering for a company with operations in Morocco. She found herself spending time in the famous, centuries old Souk of Marrakech, a vibrant marketplace. She watched the local artisans work and fell in love with the simple, time-tested techniques the artisans used to create everything from skincare to their household decor. 

A Moroccan artisan introduced her to oils grown and made in Morocco while she was there. She began to explore and immediately noticed how potent the natural ingredients were that she found. 

She fell in love with artisanal creation and gained a deep respect for the artisans that create beautiful products from the richness and abundance of nature. She began using deeply natural ingredients to experiment and create beauty products for herself and friends. She then explored other benefits of natural ingredients like creating products that worked with her cosmetic routine. 

After a couple years of formulation with a Phd chemist and input from her makeup artist friends, Gwyn created her first product for Rarity Natural Beauty.

Her first product was a lip oil that gained an immediate cult love with fashion makeup artists in NYC, using her lip oil for editorial photo shoots in VOGUE ITALIA, and on the Runways at New York Fashion week for several seasons in a row on the runways of iconic fashion shows like Helmut Lang. Her products were even use on celebrities like Anderson Cooper and models like Camille Kostek and Aube Jolicoeur. 

She soon launched her second product OASIS Beauty Oil which immediately was loved for its skin beautifying affects but also makeup artists loved how it added a natural luminosity to skin without interfering with their artistry. 

Gwyn is now an artisan formulator of 7 years and creates products for three brands locally in her home town of Portland, Oregon. She has consulted for skincare and beauty brands in LA and locally and she enjoys exploring the possibilities of creating better health and wellness through skincare. Expanding and exploring the beauty of nature through travel, she is deeply honored to work with some of the most talented artisans and ingredient producers in the industry. As a skincare artisan Gwyn enjoys connecting with nature regularly and discovering the beauty that nature has to offer both at home and around the world. 


"We live in an irreversible connection with nature, which is restorative and healing. As a skincare artisan, working with plants, I'm so honored to have the opportunity to experience the abundant beauty of nature while helping people feel healthy and vibrant. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the industry and to be in service to a well and healthy community."