rarity natural beauty - our story

In 2014, Gwyn began working with an artisan Moroccan leather brand. She found herself spending time in the famous, centuries old Souk of Marrakech, a vibrant marketplace. She watched the local artisans work and fell in love with the simple, time-tested techniques the artisans used to create everything from leather to skincare.

A Moroccan artisan introduced her to Moroccan Cactus seed oil and argan oil while she was in Morocco. She immediately noticed how potent Cactus seed oil was and now her skin was plump and glowing, like never before. She also noticed a dullness fade away that she never realized she had. Light and potent, she fell in love with Moroccan skincare ingredients.

She began to study the desert plants in Morocco and found that they are full of potent compounds that the plants use to flourish in the harsh desert climate desert. She also found that the same compounds and antioxidants that the plants produced also yielded huge results for your skin. 

She understood why Moroccan skincare was so loved and why it had been written about for centuries from Roman dignitaries to Cleopatra, and why Europe was way ahead of the US on using Moroccan skincare in their daily routine.

After a couple years of formulation with a Phd chemist and input from her makeup artist friends, Gwyn created Rarity Natural Beauty.

In a day where many of us don’t know where the ingredients in our products come from, we strive to support the local women, heritage, community, small farms, women owned businesses, and good land practices in the ingredients we source.