Rhassoul Clay and the Moroccan Spa Routine… Why an entire nation has used this clay weekly for the past 12,000 years.


At the end of the week, it's tradition in Morocco to restore your body and mind with a spa routine called “Hammam”. This spa routine, started in the 8th Century, uses a special highly ionized Volcanic Clay that comes from the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco.  During this routine, the clay called “Rhassoul Clay” is activated with water and slathered all over your body like a full body mud mask and left all over the body for several minutes. Sometimes it's mixed with herbs, flower essences, and oils. 

Rhassoul Clay has powerful detox capabilities for your skin and it gives your body a feeling of being grounded and de-stressed. This feeling is well documented within volcanic clay mud masks, and is known to release tension in the body, while restoring and detoxing your skin.

So why is this specific clay so effective and popular for centuries that it's slathered all over the body each week by an entire nation? 

Well to understand a bit more deeply, we must understand that all skincare clays are not created equal in their detox capabilities. This is due to the different mineral composition and differences in ion activity of the minerals when they were formed, or during crystallization. In the case of volcanic clay, this activity creates a strong negative ion charge. The higher the charge, the more potent the clays’ abilities to pull toxins, pollution, and impurities from your skin. 

So what does Rhassoul Clay actually do? 

Ionic clays have what's called a “Cation Exchange”, which is the ion exchange activity the clay makes at a microcellular level. In the case of Rhassoul, this clay attracts like a magnet, toxins, pollution, and dead cells which are all positively charged. The negatively charged mineral clay exchanges these impurities replacing them with a mineral ion of skin loving minerals like silica and magnesium which are beneficial and balancing to the skin. The skin absorbs these mineral ions and becomes balanced, calmed, and soft. This happens on a microcellular level and this release of toxins in exchange for minerals has an all over calming and de-stressing effect on the entire body as well as on your skin. 

Rhassoul Clay is highly ionically charged because of the sustained tectonic activity in the Atlas Mountains over centuries. Rhassoul Clay is in the “Montmorillonite” clay family which has up to 40 times higher Cation Exchange, or more toxin pulling strength, than other skincare clays. This is what makes it one of the most potent, detoxing and balancing clays for skin and so effective as an all over body de-stresser.

When you bathe in mud… 

With volcanic clay, the more you use the clay, the greater the effects. This is why bathing in clay or painting it all over your body is so effective in rebalancing your skin, body, and mind. This is a deeply relaxing routine that is a perfect way to destress after a long week. 

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