Inspired by the Moroccan Desert

After working in Morocco around the souk of Marrakech, our founder Gwyn became inspired by the way artisans hand crafted everything from handbags to skincare. She was introduced to Argan oil, then Moroccan cactus seed oil by a Moroccan artisan.  After trying these desert oils, she quickly realized that the oils were lighter weight than the skincare she had used in the states and they made her skin glow, unlike anything she had ever tried. She also noticed her makeup went on more smoothly than when she had used creams, that seemed to dull her complexion. She was amazed that even in the desert, her skin was more amazing than it had ever been. 

After researching Moroccan desert plants she found, the reason the ingredients she was using were so potent was not just a miracle, it was due to the climate. The plants that thrived in the Sahara desert climate had developed powerful compounds and super antioxidants to protect the plant from the harsh sun and extreme dryness in the desert. She also found that these compounds actually work similarly on our skin, preserving its natural hydration capabilities, restoring collagen, fighting damage, and deeply nourishing, while remaining light.

Oasis is a blend of the top two Moroccan desert oils, that have been used together for literally centuries, with other champion skin nourishing oils like Rose Hip Seed, Sea buckthorn berry oil, and Jojoba.